A pile of bits, masquerading as letters
5it in a dusty digital corner
Some Ps, some Ts, Rs and Es
Waiting to be rearranged
Reassigned into something new
Yesterdays news
Some Os and Fs, the letter C
A précis, a thesis, hearsay
An alternative view
My next tattoo
Or Ds and Xs
Love you too
But what D needs now is a radio
A puppet show, a tracking device
Scraping all my little datas
Into a nice ticking packet bomb that
I can download and take home
With a Q or two, N, Ms, 3 Vs
A dictionary, give me
A moment to collect my thoughts
Like a wiki, W, V, lotss of Sss
And a J!
Ok, ok
We’re on our w-A.

June 2011 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on June 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Letter”

  1. Great poem, very clever!

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