Air On The Side Of Grace

He divorced his wife, he created a new life
He jumped out the window and got picked up by the sky
He heard a sad piano being played softly in the next room
It seemed to be piece about afternoons and Augusts after Junes
So he ran out into the snow, cinematically, slow motion style
Across the country, through the woods, Six Million Dollar Man like
Taking giant, sky-assisted, skipping, seven-league steps
How do you leave? (He asked) But how do you leave?
How do you give up all that you believed?
And then his brain ran dry and he ran out of words to say
And his eyes stopped up, so there were no more tears
And the spirit left him with no more ways to pray
And if he did have any, anyway
There were no more people and no more ears
Yet all around him we were sprouting wings
Flapping and flailing and misbehaving
Looking like something in-between
A gorilla in the swim and an angel felled by sin
If only he’d knew now what we know then
The penance, the price, salvation, the Zen
We err on the side of humanity, frailty and fragility
A basic lack of comprehension of what the fuck’s going on
And a general confusion over what goes wrong

So he buttons his coat and settles his debts
Takes a long hard look and a deep, deep breath
And another step and another step

December 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on December 31, 2010.

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