Sunrise Into SYD

I want to complain again
I want to smash heads
And rattle cages
And say “fuck” a lot
I want to be meaner than I am
I want to slam faces
Into those rattled cages
And throw stuff on the ground
And puff myself up
And say “shit damn!”
“Mother fucker!”
I want to be beaten up
And just when they think I’m done
I want to bounce back
And smash someone!
I want to have some fucking fun!
I w a n t t o u n r a v e l….
I want to come undone
Like your Mum
I want to stamp my feet
And come across all mad and bad
And look wasted and smacky
And loose my head and my shit
Somewhere in The Cross
And be lost and be found
Punched up by pigs and bouncers
And be messed up, be tossed
Again to the ground
Ah! I want to be around
When they add up the cost
I want to be the one they blame
Lay it on me bro!
I want to cut my hair
And my arm and be cool
And I want you to look at me
Like you don’t understand me
Like I’ve stepped on
Or stepped over
Some line you hold dear
Some fear, some passion, some love
And like everything that you hate
Is tattooed right here on my face

I want to erase you and, and, and
Be erased by you or something
Or atoned, or something, I don’t know
I want to pick myself up
And put myself down

You, you fucking clown
You fucking clown

March 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on March 18, 2010.

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