Day Off

Turn off the television
It has nothing new to say
Disconnect the Internet
After closing every page
Unplug the telephone cable
Over there at the wall
Put the Do Not Disturb sign
On the handle of the door
Power down the laptop
Letting tired eyes adjust
Switch off the air-conditioning
And feel the settling dust
Place the half-read history book
On the table in the hall
Even disable the fridge
By separation from its power source
Let the cell phone battery die
Extinguish every light
Open up the window
To the dry and baking night
Let the music enter in
Cacophony of sound
Inhale unfamiliar scents
Slow the breathing down
Let the iris plot its course
Lens focus, pupil grow
Altered by the city’s warm
Sepia and neon glow
Leave the camera shutter closed
No online/offline friend will see
This moment chosen only for
This solitary memory

July 2008 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 4, 2009.

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