Better The Angel You Know

The devil on my shoulder
Whispers softly, “walk this way…”
Then she’s off, flies away
But she sways, I may stray
So do I follow or do I stay?
Is she the yea or the nay?
What is she trying to say?
And why would she tempt me like this?
With promises, theft, a giggle, a kiss
A brush of freedom, a hint of bliss
Then a lie, a fist, a head shaken thus
Derision, distrust, delusion
I’ll walk in a straight line to prove I am right
I’ll walk a crooked mile to prove that the only thing new
Is the numbers that move on the squares of paper
That present us with the present and correct date
I’ll wait and wait and I’ll stay up late
I’ll sing little tunes while dancing in rooms
Too small for my moves
But at least I dance
At least I sing melody and romance
And kind of obsess on themes
Of temptation and roads to redemption
And stitch together wings out of
Old denim, guitar strings and things
And flap them against those
Lofty ideals, that wise men
Idolise and lesser men lionise
At least, when I fall
I’ll know it wasn’t all in vain
That deserting little angel
Can be heard to take up my refrain
And off she hums into the rain
To find a new shoulder
“Follow me, walk this way”.
So much to do, so little to say

December 2014 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on December 17, 2014.

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