A night at The Provista Hotel

Did I ever tell you about that time
She fell briefly in love with that guy at work
Who was never going to let her be
Anything more than anything
And, he couldn’t speak her language?

So, now she’s standing outside that hotel
With a beer in one hand
Taking a photo with the other eye
Wondering why
What is she doing here?
She looks up at her old room
As if the ache in her hopes to see
Her years-ago self looking down

She shouts up a couple of questions
After getting over the initial shock…
But what she really wants to ask is
“What the hell were you thinking back then?”
But who can remember?
Who can ever remember?

She retraces old steps, back under a bridge
Past an old iron-and-brick fence
Surrounding fir trees
Aged concrete, all so familiar
How many times did she do this?
And why is it so important to do again now?

It is as if somehow
There was so much noise back then
That she couldn’t see.
But the question is.
And when years-ago asks her,
Who is she?

December 2014 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on December 2, 2014.

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