Do you know her name?
Something she said
Reminded me of someone else
Like the snows west of the city
Remind me of a desert
Someplace east
And I wonder if she’s happier
In the cold or in the heat
It’s a blizzard that blazes
Inside of my head and
I’m longing for some sleep
But for now I’ve got to
Sit with my back against the door
And hope that it holds while
The wind pounds it fists
I can’t feel my feet
We may need to share
Our body heat to keep warm
Until the storm passes
Staring out into darkness
Right on the brink
It’s too early for breakfast
But too late for another drink
Whatever will we talk about?
We watch the sun slowly rise
As she does something with her lips
And she sort of smiles and sighs
And does something else
With her hips
August 2014 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on August 22, 2014.

One Response to “Estrange”

  1. It’s been a while my friend since you waxed poetic. Very nice indeedy.

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