Here comes the I love you

Here comes the I do

And here comes the ring

And there goes the fashion

There goes the fling

There go the fabulous

Fantastic fiends

And here come the fatuous

Femme fatale friends

There fucks his fortune

In a field of false dreams

Feeding off fantasy

Framing each scene

With gilding and filigree

Frilled pastel frippery

Here comes the fallout

Here comes the I will

The you won’t, you can’t

You don’t, you shan’t

Until death

The fade out, the trill

The turn off, the tune out

The turn up and clock off

Here comes the tedious

Here come the trials

The misleading, mischievous

Menacing wiles

Here stands the accused

At a worn guillotine

Heading off hegemony

With each nail-biting scene

Each nightmare, each dream

And here come the excuses

Here come the inducers

The matchmakers, fee takers

Counsellors & heart breakers

And then there’s the children

The swaddling and the cloth

And the nappies and the bug eyes

And the screaming from birth

Or the Aunts and the Uncles

The cheers and the grins

And the Pernot, the cin cin

The Pims and the gin

The original sin

Is that what we’re in?

But can we bow out with grace?

Can we pack up the flowers

Unthrow the lace?

Diswrite all the invites

Descatter the rice

Reneg the confetti with

The earnest white lies?

Can we spin the march backwards

And sell back the rock?

Twist the for-better

And turn back the clock?

Mendelssohn, Wagner

What have you done?

To what have we come?

What have we become?

So finally, annulment

Or eventually divorce

And off rides her white knight

On a night coloured horse

And she cries, of a sorts

And he loves her

Of course

March 2014 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on March 21, 2014.

2 Responses to “Here comes the I love you”

  1. I am glad to see you writing again. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tracy. Always writing but I’ve been more focussed on songs lately – a longer process and slower to see the light of day.

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