I climbed the great wall
I spoke in tongues
I slept in palaces
Slept in slums
I broke a promise
I cracked an egg
I slapped the bones
Of my hand to my head
Why wouldn’t you?

I dressed in cashmere
I sang a dirge
I drank an ocean
‘Cause I got the urge
I lit the fires
That signalled the fleet
To bring the heads
Of the dogs to my feet
Well wouldn’t you too?

I chased the sirens
Around the earth
I traded their love
For my right of birth
I succoured the incubus
Scuttled the ships
I drank fine whisky
From Medusa’s lips
And who cared, who knew?

I wrote you letters
I sent you things
The Shroud of Turin
And an angel’s wing
I dredged the canals
I fished the lakes
I put the head of John the Baptist
On your plate
It was something to do

I redecorated
I painted the walls
I wrote a poem about
Twenty seven mirror balls
I swashed the buckles
And swabbed the decks
I hung Saint Christopher
Round my drunken neck
And what did you do?

I raised a navy
Of pirates and dregs
I sang sea shanties
And jigged wooden legs
I stormed the castles
I stayed up late
I fired flaming arrows
At the inner gate
But where were you?

I got arrested
And charged with fate
I slammed into freedom
And took the cake
I ate it too
Who follows the rules?
They brought me to answer
Before peers and fools
And people like you

I lied to the jury
I sang like a bird
I got seven years
For crimes of the absurd
I sat in my cell
My own private hell
Wishing you nothing but
Wishing you, well
You were here too

February 2012 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on February 19, 2012.

4 Responses to “Eggshells”

  1. This is a tough poem for sure – would be a great song… reminds me of Dylan sneering “Once upon a time you dressed so fine You threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn’t you ?”
    Again, another wicked offering that stays with me…

    • Thanks; like Dylan used to do, like I’ve done a few times, and with much more ease about it after reading Chronicles Vol 1, I took a song I thought was amazing and started writing my own lyrics to it. Although they didn’t quite turn out like you can actually sing them to that song, that’s how I did this one. I do want to put music to it. It was one of our reference tracks. The Grinderman one…

      • yeah wow. neat for sure. i’ll have to try that technique… though I struggle a little once I know the tune to certain words – might be time to get over that block and keep reinventing – it worked on the last album for Silver and Lightbulb and Giant, all of which are kinda like singing new words over old tunes.
        Can’t wait to hear the song…

    • Interestingly, the first time I recall doing that was hearing “White Room” and in response wrote a poem called “Tired Starlings” which followed the lyric form.

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