A Darkening On The Narrows

We speak in whispers, hint and gesture in subtle, subtle tones
We row a boat across the narrows, bury secrets in dirt & ditches
Toss our soiled tools in the shallows and scamper off
Though the shadows, alone, alone

We scratch our skin with complicated stitches and patterns
Fascinating lattice laces, tracing backscatter on
Underexposed fragments of film, drinking dry pilsners
While the flashes explode, unloaded

We dress with fancy, fantastic splashes of whimsy and warmth
Enwrapped in wonder and cloth that rinses easily
Tubes that slide off slowly and layers that forgive
And forget, lie forgotten, but so close

We watch and wish through tingling ice drops and wild wind drifts
Bodies mingling, children’s tears ringing in our ears
And fears forgotten, no more, no more memories
We sink into these waters, cold and deep

December 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on December 27, 2010.

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