how r u?
here now it’s 2:36am
it’s… too late to msg…
i’m feeling no good…
so just thinking of u…
and i am thinking of u, sometimes

i am so tired
so tired… in my life
i dont want to talk about my feelings
so I can’t msg u…
pain in my head
just enough
i dont know my thinking myself…
just my thinking is enough

everyone is sad
do u know/?
i am not sad
but everyone sad
i am just watching
and just-

i dont want to talk something
i just want to hold the arm of somebody to me-

and i want u to enjoy over there
go to the club
and sleep with woman
because… this is so much answer
u know…

and pain in my head
no drink today… but
i want, need drink
drunk feeling everytime
too slight headache

i’m just sad
this is stupid
just want to talk, i am sad
but this i can’t
because i need more detail…
so i am thinking
detail, detail, detail

i’m thinking my fault
so i am sad now
one question is so much answer…
you know
so i want no question
i am just understanding everything
i want to make a story…
just don’t want to make some story
do u know.>?

i want sleep
now 3:24am

i am just need hope
i am just want hope
u know…
no hope, no continuance life…
because i am so
dark my thinking….

one question is so much answer…
so i want no question

June 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on June 4, 2010.

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