is bored

You’re bored
You’re bored?
You have nothing to do?
You have nothing that interests you right now?
You are about to die and you are bored?
You have like, a minute left. Or a day
Perhaps a week
Or, or a hundred years
That’s barely a lifetime!
So you’re almost done and yet, none
That’s it, you don’t come back
Certainly not like this
That is it, you are gone
But now, this 1/3155695200th of your life
Or this 1/31556952nd?
Still nothing
And it’s slipping, slipping, shearing
But what do you do?
What can you do?
All you can do is write stuff, like:
I’m bored, bored, bored
I’m Bored! I’m Bored!
I’m fucking bored!
Iam board! Eyem bord!
Aiem boored!
You write it pen or in pencil
In crayon or texta
On notepads and sketchpads
On large sheets of butcher’s paper
On smartphones, on dumbphones
On laptops and tabletops
And hilltops
You carve it in stone
And cover walls with it in paint
You get it tattooed on your wrist
And lasered on a grain of rice
You hand out business cards
That look like this:

You get it written into the constitution
And commissioned as a work of art
You jump into an aeroplane
And loop cloudy cursive letters
Across the clear blue sky
And the peoples of the whole earth
Look up in wonder and sigh
As you parachute down
Dropping pamphlets and brochures
That say it over and over
And you land in a strange forest
Or maybe a colosseum
And climb up the mountain
Or the stands
Or the ruins that you find
And collapse
And cry softly up at darkening sky
As your tears start to mingle with the
Warm evening storm
I’m so bored, I’m so bored
So bored

May 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on May 2, 2010.

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