Lightning Bug

It’s hot here too
This unbearable south
She smiles and jokes
As the corners of her mouth
Turn like the weather
But I can’t take a hint
I’m struggling to breathe
And find it harder to think
Been drunk for weeks
And now the hangover hits
She looks like she has been crying
I’m way ahead of the beat
But she looks like she thinks I am lying
And my heart sinks
I can’t take a hint
Her eyes look at me
Like they’re trying to speak
And these eyes of mine
Try to mimic her rhyme
They pick up the tune
But the lyrics are wrong
In this drought of music
I’m irrigated with song
Trying to drown down
The noises of history
And then, there’s distraction
Like a sparklering shimmer
Crazed, heat-hazed flight paths
Of glimmering glitter
Glancing and fanciful
Dancing, distorted
Tracing mystic words
In a magical order

February 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on February 25, 2010.

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