She Only Appears In Overdrive

What would Jesus do?
Would he play the blues?
Kicking jams with money changers
Upturned tables
Coins sprinkle down
I wonder, I’m confused
The voice of rage
Or the voice of ruin?

Her underwear begging
For a dollar or two
Looks like salvation
Is fighting back
With Jim and Jesus
And gentleman Jack
On an SM58
It’s all too late

It’s all too late mate
Go home and sleep
Your mothers worry
And Mary weeps
And Grandma sweeps
Like there’s nothing wrong
But you know
You know

You know what’s right
You know what’s not
And you know that nothing
Matches anymore
But she’s knocking at your door now
You force yourself to answer, somehow
She draws you out
Rolls the stone away
And says “Hey babe,
wanna peek?”

February 2010 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on February 11, 2010.

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