If I Were A Girl

I am the darkness to her light
She is the passion to my plight
She is my wind, she is my rain
I am her drought and her disdain

I am her doubt and mortal sin
She is the holy light within
She is an air, a halo bright
I am her plague and curse and blight

I am the anger to her joy
She is the female to my boy
She is perfume and she is soap
I am her cause of dying hope

I am the awesome contradict
She is the truth, she is perfect
She is the answer and the name
I am her spot, her stench, her stain

I am the vacuum to her breath
She is animating death
She is animal and woman
I am nothing, I am a man

November 2009 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on November 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “If I Were A Girl”

  1. I’m sure I don’t get the subtle references here [Macbeth, Beyonce, oh well] but this is fantastic. I can’t pick any favorite lines, turns of phrase here, because at the moment, it’s all my favorite thing I’ve read in a while. A little humorous too, while yet grave feeling. Just a great piece.

    • Thanks Pearl, I’m glad you picked up on the humour. There was a mix of serious and ludicrous going on in my head with that mish-mash of influences stirring it up…

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