She Never Showed Up

I was meant to meet up with a friend today to teach her Garage Band but she didn’t make it (with good reason). Having mainly used Digital Performer for work and Logic Studio for myself, I decided that I may as well create a track to reacquaint myself with GB.

I haven’t done much music writing lately, typically I’ll come up with a guitar riff and then get distracted, or drunk, or both… My aim for this week was to ‘complete’ one track. It didn’t have to be great, or necessarily finished, but something I could play and it sound complete. I was thinking I would do one of my already written songs but this piece just came out of nowhere and somewhat surprised me. It’s not a style I’ve worked in before. The fact that I used sampled beats heavily affected the rest. It’s a bit bgm, sort of a chill lounge vibe. A thursday night track to talk over while your body feels it. You can have a listen below.

So I’ve got my toes wet again finally and had fun doing it. Now I need to go for a swim…

She Never Showed Up

~ by Derek Wilson on April 8, 2009.

One Response to “She Never Showed Up”

  1. Dude –
    I’m listening to that track now – cool! Glad to hear you making music of whatever kind… and pushing boundaries. Keen to hear where you take it next.
    Of course it needs a mad guitar solo….

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