The Desert Revisited part I

The guitarist hugs me and pats my back gently
The guy with the bug eyes smiles his warm yet creepy grin
My drink keeps being replenished long before I need it
Nirvana is being played… again
I haven’t seen many guys around here with long hair
Except for musicians
People shake hands with really flaccid grips
Man and woman alike
I can see a French horn and a banjo nearby
Under UV light and those glow in the dark
Stars and planets and satellites
Those chords aren’t quite right
And let’s not mention the shirt
Do I have enough money?
I’m worried about my grammar and how many more times
In my life I’ll have to hear ‘Sweet Home Alabama’
Does the physics of snow shoes apply to sand?
Why, whether I eat a lot, or just one small meal a day
Does my energy level not really change?
Most people dance quite badly
I’ll throw my own hand up there
But having listened to dancers for most of my life
I’m sometimes surprised by how much I know
And how much I care
Am I being unfair?
I’m missing my friends
Looking forward to sweating my way hotel in the heat
Looking forward to those crisp white sheets
What the hell is this on my shoe?
How can someone drop Stevie Wonder’s name
But not know ‘Hotter Than July’?
Was Carmen Sandiego a girl or a guy?
I wonder if I’m as trivial as most things seem?
Dum-dee-dum, dum-doo-dee
Places to meet, people to be

July 2008 Derek Wilson


~ by Derek Wilson on April 7, 2009.

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