She Wants To Dance

She wants to dance
She wants to hold hands
She wants you to kiss her
Softly goodnight
And prays you won’t ask
To sleep with her tonight
She wants to date you
Wants to love and hate you
She wants to get to know you
She has so much to show you
She wants to feel
Like your high school girlfriend
She wishes she could stop
She wishes you would put
Your arms around her again
And it would be enough
To complete her

Her feet don’t touch the ground
Your voice is her only sound
She gently takes a rib
That used to surround
Your broken heart
And like a modern day Eve
In a Devil’s Eden
If you give her your breath
She’ll take that and the rest
And become all she can
Be one with you
Be woman

July 2006 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 5, 2009.

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