Ningyo 人魚

And then, we were there
And you’d done something different with your hair
And then, you drew my eyes again
And I was like, orbital
But losing my spin
And you were like a siren
To a sailor, giving in
And then, you were taking pictures
And I was, well, in stitches
And noticing reverberance
With sibilance and clapping
And then, of course you were dancing
And tapping on my shoulder
And I was soon forgetting
The plotted course and setting
And then, we said a lot of things
I wish we didn’t mean
And you were so soon leaving
And I didn’t mean them anymore
And this heart has stood such beatings
But again this heart was sore
And then, well, I don’t know the end
But I was sitting alone again
And watching distant mermaids
From the incognita shore

September 2008 Derek Wilson

Ningyo 人魚

Ningyo 人魚

~ by Derek Wilson on April 5, 2009.

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