Independence Day

I should get a blood test
I should get some more rest
I’d be worth my weight in gold
If I was made of oil
I’d tap into these blackened veins
And hit the auctions
Sold! Your number Sir?
Light and sweet and crude I can do
I’d be a real bargain
With an increase in production
And a fondness for combustion

I should get my head read
I should probably stay in bed
I’d be smart like Stephen King
If I was made of science
Or is that Stephen Hawking?
I’d write a book
New York Times bestseller
Entertainment equals media times celebrity squares
I’d pimp out the formula
For a few million clam shells
After all, it’s sex that sells

I should get one more beer
I should get out of here
I’d be as strong as Ghandi
If I was made of peace
I’d be orange and white and green
With a circular pattern in between
All good things come
To those who don’t hate
I’d petition myself for a brand new state
Partition myself then send those pieces
Off to celebrate

August 2008 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 5, 2009.

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