I Raised My Hands Up

I raised my hands up
And laid down my weapons
I three wise monkey’d
And paid no attention
I took the trash in
And threw out the lesson
I walked so softly
I made no impression

I cut the volume
And faded the lighting
I lit the torches
And raided, igniting
I took the needle
And drew out the blighting
I walked in warpaths
I waded in fighting

I fixed the numbers
And rorted the ledgers
I campaign promised
And courted the pledgers
I took the solo
And blew up the wedges
I walked the mazes
I ran through the hedges

I dredged the bottom
And caught things discarded
I laughing Buddha’d
And wandered unguarded
I took the setbacks
And grew up retarded
I walked a fine line
I wound up red-carded

September 2008 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 5, 2009.

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