I can still feel the rush of you
On my skin
Still smell and taste the disbelief
That I’ve been swimming in
Do you wash yourself and
Cleanse your head
Of the same strange things?
Or do you take it in?

Do you feel sometimes
Like the sky is falling
In some sort of fashion
It’s all caving in?
Or do you recognise in me
The same kind of mania
I see as I watch you
Climbing the walls?
And when you see him too
Just like you, ascending
What do you do?
Do you let him fall?

I can still feel the fear of you
On my lips
Still bouncing back from
Where you pressed your
Glittered fingertips
Do you also
Stare into the dawn
Like it’s the apocalypse
Swinging your golden hips?

Should I be acting like this
While I’m thinking that way?
Always courting the night
While seducing the day
And dancing with the twilight
Stepping between the rays
Of the sunlight’s dying gaze

June 2008 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 4, 2009.

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