Fell From The Sky

Crescent moon carved clean and crisp by sword and scimitar
Century after century watching desert sun set
Over Mosque and Temple, Synagogue and Cathedral
Handshake and embrace and blood red heartbreak
Prophet, nomad, sage and fool, Bedouin in dusty tent
Careless crashing young man in rarely sparkling Mercedes Benz
Lady of convenience, Gentleman of wealth
Oud and kohl, spice and gold, designer clothed
Adorn beauty and enhance it unseen under loose black robe
Violin, dulcimer, tanpura and slowly beaten drum
Down sandy street rings wedding bell and call to prayer
The crying mourner come to beat fist and head against ancient wall
To wait, to watch; to wit: to witness, to observe and spectate
A crowd of one, one eye on the moon, one eye on the sun

July 2008 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 4, 2009.

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