Observations on how touring has changed me

I’ve come to prefer a takeaway cup to a china mug.
I choose clothes on how small they’re going to roll up and if they can survive not being washed for a while.
When I enter a hotel room the very first thing I check out is not the bed, the decor or the bathroom, but whether I can open the window – even if it means using tools.
I don’t worry so much about making a mess – housekeeping will clean it up.
I leave a few dollars on my pillow each morning.
I can say hello, goodbye and thank you in many different languages, but little else.
I get alarmed by the price of a taxi at home.
I have friends for life in Malaysia, South Korea, USA, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand, some of whom have never left their home town (and some of those, may never leave).
I consider a power board and a face washer indispensable travel items.
A good internet connection and some incense makes me feel at home.
My own room in Sydney feels a little alien.
I no longer buy CDs, preferring the weight of a download instead.
I know where to get a great cheese and egg sandwich in Seoul, the location of a hidden yet stunningly beautiful restaurant by a river in the outskirts of Bangkok, where to get amazing cheap food in Singapore and the best coffee in New York.
I crave the coffee a few minutes walk from my home in Sydney. And generally head there first when I arrive home.
I’ve been mugged in New York and pickpocketed in Thailand.
I bought my last phone on the strength that it would also work in Japan.
I know my way around many airports, downtowns and transport systems.
I often look out my window thinking “where to next?”.

October 2007 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 3, 2009.

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