Feel Like Laying Low

Feel like laying low
Feel like an aged merlot
Feel like a train wreck
A car crash
Brittle as driftwood
Fragile as glass

Feel like keeping quiet
Feel like a different diet
Feel like another beer
A cigarette
Two cups of coffee
And an omelette

Feel like breaking stuff
Feel like it’s never enough
Feel like a walkout
A sit in
Drinking till morning
And crying

Feel like flying high
Feel like Captain Bligh
Feel like a mutiny
A street party
Painting the town red
In graffiti

Feel like calling home
Feel like the fall of Rome
Feel like making love
A cliché
A country song
And reggae

Feel like walking tall
Feel like a brick wall
Feel like an arsonist
Spark and flame
Fleeting fire
Eternal fame

March 2006 Derek Wilson

~ by Derek Wilson on April 3, 2009.

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